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11 Odd and Intriguing Smart Home Technologies

  • Making a smarter home

    American home
    CREDIT: V. J. Matthew , Shutterstock Smart Home
    An American home.
  • Hue lights

    Smart lights
    CREDIT: Philips Hue Lights
    Philips Hue Lights
  • Nest thermostat

    CREDIT: Nest Nest thermostat
    Nest thermostat with family
  • Beddit sensor

    Beddit sleep sensor
    CREDIT: Beddit Beddit Sensor
    The Beddit sleep sensor.
  • Smart adjustable bed

    Sleep number smart bed ad
    CREDIT: Sleep Number Smart Bed
    Sleep Number is getting in on the smart sleep market, too. The Sleep Number X12 bed tracks slumber much like the Beddit sensor, but it also responds to commands through a voice-activated remote. The best command of all? Stop snoring! If your bedmate is sawing logs, you can activate the bed's anti-snoring feature to gently raise the head of your partner's half of the bed.
  • Netatmo weather station

    Netatmo weather station
    CREDIT: Netatmo Netatmo Weather Sensor
    Netatmo weather station
  • Smart fridge

    samsung smart fridge
    CREDIT: Samsung Smart Fridge
    Samsung's smart fridge.
  • Smart garage door

    Liftmaster garage door
    CREDIT: Liftmaster Smart Garage Door
    Smart LIftmaster garage store.
  • Smart lock

    smart lock
    CREDIT: Goji Goji Smart Lock
    Goji smart lock.
  • Smart baby monitor

    smart monitor
    CREDIT: Belkin Smart baby monitor
    Smart baby monitor
  • Smart smoke alarm

    Smart smoke alarm
    CREDIT: Nest Smart smoke alarm
    Smart smoke alarm
  • Smart toilet

    Japenese toilet
    CREDIT: Lixil Smart toilet
    A smart toilet made by a Japenese company.

A home that cooks for you, cleans for you and does its own maintenance may not be here yet, but "smart" tech meant to save time and money is already on the market. Here are some of the devices that can turn your home into an adaptable castle.

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