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Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week

  • Salt safari

    salt safari
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    CREDIT: Larry Smith (European Pressphoto Agency)
  • Gopher pyramids?

    Mima mounds
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    CREDIT: Washington State DNR
  • Bizarre Saturn vortex

    In Full View: Saturn's Streaming Hexagon
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    CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Hampton
  • Fog-filled Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon, filled with fog, in a rare weather event called a temperature inversion.
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    CREDIT: National Park Service photo by Erin Whittaker
  • Bison traffic jam

    Bison in Yellowstone National Park
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    CREDIT: National Park Service
  • Winter storm from space

    Winter storm over US on Dec. 3, 2013
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  • Wacky cave microbes

    Kartchner Caverns State Park
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    CREDIT: Bob Casavant/Arizona State Park Service
  • Real climate models

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    CREDIT: Charlie Naebeck
  • Glowing mushrooms

    glowing mushrooms in Florida
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    CREDIT: Taylor Lockwood.
  • Russian volcano blows

    Klyuchevskoy volcano
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    CREDIT: NASA Earth Observatory
  • Lemon sharks return to birthplace

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    CREDIT: Federico Cabello
  • Postcard From An Expedition

    Scientists in Antarctica
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    CREDIT: Mario Hoppmann, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
For some people it's a mountaintop, for others it's a lapping seashore, but for Gayle Ferrell, the most serene place on Earth is 650 feet (198 meters) underground.

Ferrell works as the director of operations at a museum called Strataca, set in the abandoned tunnels of an active salt mine in central Kansas. The museum — which has access to about 300,000 square feet (28,000 square meters) of mined-out channels — has been open since 2007, but just unveiled a new attraction in November called the Salt Safari that brings visitors through an extended 3-hour-long sub-surface hike.

[Full Story: Kansas Salt Safari Unveils Glittering Underground World]

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