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Top 11 Christmas Gifts for Geeks

  • Christmas Gifts for Geeks

    Red and green Christmas gifts under the tree.
    CREDIT: Jim Barber, Shutterstock Christmas Gifts
    An analysis of words used in Twitter posts revealed predictable shifts in happiness, including an uptick on Christmas Day for every year studied.
  • Mineral Calendar

    CREDIT: Ian Saginor Mineral Calendar
    A calendar of mineral thin sections made by geology students.
  • Mars Bling

    Marsbling selfie pendant
    CREDIT: Susanna Speier MarsBling
    A rover selfie pendant from MarsBling.
  • Sci-Fi Swimsuit

    CREDIT: Black Milk R2-D2 Swimsuit
    A swimsuit patterned after Star Wars robot R2-D2.
  • Chemistry-Themed Cocktail Set

    Chemistry cocktail set
    CREDIT: 3B Scientific Chemistry Cocktail Set
    A chemistry-themed cocktail set.
  • Math Wall Clock

    Blackboard clock with equations
    CREDIT: DCI Math Clock
    A blackboard-style clock tells time with math equations.
  • Chemistry Crayons

    Crayon labels with chemistry of color.
    CREDIT: Que interesante Chemistry Crayons
    Crayon labels reveal the chemicals that make the color.
  • Top-to-Bottom Poster

    Infographic: Explore the entire Earth's surface from highest peaks to mysterious depths.
    CREDIT: Karl Tate, Infographics Artist Our Amazing Planet Top to Bottom: Mountaintop to Ocean Trench (Infographic)
    Explore the entire Earth's surface from highest peaks to mysterious depths.
  • Science-Inspired Jewelry

    ammonite shell necklace on model
    CREDIT: Nervous System Ammonite Necklace
    A necklace design inspired by ammonite shells.
  • Test Tube Chandelier

    Test tubes filled with colored water.
    CREDIT: PaniJurek Test Tube Chandelier
    A chandelier made of test tubes and food coloring-dyed water.
  • Test Tube Spice Rack

    Test tube spice rack
    CREDIT: RSVP Test Tube Spice Rack
    A spice rack made with test tubes.
  • Irreverent Dinosaur Poster

    dinosaur poster facts
    CREDIT: Ryan North, Dinosaur Poster
    Fun facts about dinosaurs from Dinosaur Comics' Ryan North.

Christmas is coming, and the geeks in your life need gifts. Don't worry — we here at LiveScience keep our ears to the ground on all things nerdy, and we've got a list of fun stuff sure to please at least one of the science-lovers in your life.

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