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6 Myths About Girls and Science

  • Math and Science Myths

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    CREDIT: Woman doing math image via Shutterstock Woman doing math at chalkboard
  • Myth 1: Girls Aren't Interested

    Portrait of smart schoolgirl smiling at camera during lesson in classroom
    CREDIT: Pressmaster | Shutterstock Young Girl at School
    Portrait of smart schoolgirl smiling at camera during lesson in classroom
  • Myth 2: Turning Off the Boys

    CREDIT: zurijeta | row-of-boys
    Birth sex ratios can be altered by social and environmental factors, research suggests.
  • Myth 3: Bias is Over

    CREDIT: dreamstime Blah, Blah, Blah: Teachers Top Talking Tests
    Students look bored in a classroom.
  • Myth 4: There's Nothing We Can Do

    Male science teacher with elementary school kids.
    CREDIT: racorn, Shutterstock Science Teacher
    A science teacher instructs a class of young students.
  • Myth 5: Girls Have to Sink or Swim

    Grade of F
    CREDIT:, Shutterstock Failing Grade
  • Myth 6: It's Innate

    10 month baby girl
    CREDIT: glayan, Shutterstock Baby Girl

"Math class is tough!" Teen Talk Barbie once lamented, playing into unfortunate stereotypes that suggest that girls, math and science just don't mix. Research has shot down many of those myths, but the struggle to get girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields continues. At least Barbie's out of the battle: After her "math is tough" catchphrase enraged parents in 1992, it took mere months for parent company Mattel to pull the talking Barbie from shelves and replace her with a version that kept mum on math.

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