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7 Stunning Archaeological Sites in Syria

  • Introduction

    cuneiform text on a clay tablet
    CREDIT: Public Domain Cuneiform Tablet
    The ancient Sumerians invented cuneiform, shown here on a clay tablet documenting barley rations issued monthly to adults and children. The language may have died out as a result of a 200-year drought 4,200 years ago.
  • Trove of tablets

    beer production tablet
    CREDIT: M. Nissen, 1990 cuneiform tablet
    Archaic writing tablet from Mesopotamia (approx. 3000 B.C.). The tablet, which contains proto-cuneiform writing, belongs to the most ancient group of written records on Earth. It contains calculations of basic ingredients required for the production of cereal products, such as different types of beer.
  • Roman ruins

    apamea ruins in syria
    CREDIT: Anton_Ivanov | apamea-ruins
    Apamea was founded in 300 B.C. by a Seleucid king, but rose to prominence as part of the Roman Empire
  • Caravan city

    ruins found in bosra, syria
    CREDIT: Waj | bosra-ruins
    Bosra was once a caravan city at the heart of the Roman trade route. The desert oasis has been stunningly preserved.
  • Ancient occupation

    the citadel in Aleppo
    CREDIT: Oscar Espinosa / aleppo-citadel
    The medieval fortified palace in Aleppo is a UNESCO world heritage site, and the city itself is one of the oldest continuously occupied cities on the planet.
  • Center of crafts

    umayyad mosque in damascus, syria
    CREDIT: Attila JANDI / damascus-mosque
    The Umayyad-Era mosque in the old city of Damascus dates to the 8th century
  • Desert oasis

    ruins in palmyra, syria
    CREDIT: Waj | palmyra-ruins
    The ancient city of Palmyra was an oasis in the desert that connected India, Persia and China to the Roman Empire.
  • Crusader fortress

    krak des chevalier viewed from afar
    CREDIT: Anton_Ivanov | krak-des-chevaliers
    The Krak Des Chevaliers is a Crusader Era fortress that was occupied by the Knights Hospitalier during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Syria has one of the world's richest archaeological heritages. At the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, the country holds the marks of many of the world's great empires.

From the cuneiform tablets of Ebla to stunning Roman cities, here are seven of the most amazing archaeological sites in Syria.

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