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In Photos: The Wacky Animals of Madagascar

  • Bustling with Life

    the tail of a chameleon in Madagascar
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    CREDIT: tommaso lizzul | Shutterstock
  • The fossa

    A fossa sits on a log.
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    CREDIT: worldswildlifewonders | Shutterstock
  • Freaky Gecko

    The giant leaf-tailed gecko (<em>Uroplatus fimbriatus</em>) is endemic to the rain forests of Madagascar. It can reach a length of 12 inches.
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    CREDIT: Piotr Naskrecki.
  • Dancing Sifaka

    A Verreaux sifaka dancing in the Berenty Nature Reserve, southern Madagascar.
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    CREDIT: Hugh Lansdown | Shutterstock
  • Tiny Tot

    A gray mouse lemur (<em>Microcebus murinus</em>), which is endemic to Madagascar, shown here in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. They are some of the smallest primates, with a head and body length of just 4.7 to 5.5 inches (12 – 14 cm) and a tail len
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    CREDIT: David Thyberg | Shutterstock
  • Red ruffed lemur

    The furry face of a red ruffed lemur.
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    CREDIT: Astrid Lenz | Shutterstock
  • Giraffe weevil

    A reddish colored bug, with an extended neck and a bulbous body, sits on a green leaf.
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    CREDIT: Liew Weng Keong | Shutterstock
  • Head-Bobber

    This newly discovered species of fork-marked lemur bobs its head while up in the trees in Madagascar.
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    CREDIT: © Conservation International/Russell A. Mittermeier.
  • Head for the Hills! Creatures Flee Global Warming

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    CREDIT: Christopher Raxworthy
  • 'You Lookin' at Me?'

    leaf-tailed gecko (one-time use)
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    CREDIT: © Piotr Naskrecki
  • Tiniest Chameleon

    tiniest chameleon, tiny lizard discovered, tiniest lizards in the world, world's tiniest lizards, tiny chameleon, miniature chameleon, Madagascar chameleon, earth, environment
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    CREDIT: PLoS One.
  • Endangered Madagascar Turtles Still Caught Despite Ban

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    CREDIT: Garth Cripps, Blue Ventures.
  • Yum... You Look Delicious

    Common Leaf-tailed gecko
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    CREDIT: © D. Finnin/AMNH/California Academy of Sciences

How could one be lonely in Madagascar? The island off the east coast of Africa is climbing with life. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Madagascar provides habitat to more than 90 identified lemur species, 283 bird species, 12,000 vascular plant species, more than 300 amphibian species, 346 reptiles species and 30 bat species. So while a single gallery could hardly do justice to the boisterous environment, here's a look at some of its charismatic characters.

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