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5 Reasons to Fear Robots

  • Metal Madness

    Future \'Bots: Robot-Human Convergence Begins
    They are increasingly made in our image; yet their core technologies are changing us into entities more like them. They will \"take care\" of us; one way or the other...
  • Your Grandkids Will Be Robots

    A robot child gazing into the future.
    CREDIT: Sarah Holmlund | Shutterstock Kid Robot
    A robot child gazing into the future.
  • Robots Take Our Jobs

    CREDIT: SIO Miniature Robots to Swarm the Oceans
    This digital image shows how autonomous underwater explorers (AUEs) will be used to provide new information about the oceans.
  • Robot Insurrection: Kill All Humans

    CREDIT: Tristar Pictures Terminator
    Our terrifying nemeses in the coming war of man versus machine? Terminators on the rampage in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."
  • Humans May Prefer Robot Lovers

    CREDIT: Franz Steiner Robot Lover
    The image is one of a series about the life of a personal robot. The time is the near future where personal robots are sold to do erveryday business or switch into a romantic mode to entertain women.
  • Robots Steal Our Hearts

    Cynthia Breazeal Robots
    CREDIT: MIT | Donna Coveney Kismet Social Robot
    Dr. Cynthia Breazeal plays with Kismet, the robot that mimics and responds to human emotions.

Real robot names such as Roomba and Asimo don't evoke as much fear as the fictional "Terminator." But consider that Roomba, the automated vacuum cleaner, is manufactured by iRobot, creator also of armed robot warriors for the U.S. military. And Asimo represents just the first wave of an incoming tsunami of robots that strive to look and act eerily human.

It goes beyond automated vacuums and mildly entertaining dance-bots. Japan and Korea plan to deploy humanoid robots to care for the elderly, while the United States already fields thousands of robot warriors on the modern battlefield. Meanwhile, plenty of people have enhanced their bodies technologically in ways that bring them closer to their robotic brethren.

So it's OK to become a bit of a paranoid android, because many experts say that the robotic future is rapidly approaching, if not already here. Robots probably won't completely take over or annihilate the human race anytime soon, but they may supplant us by other means — and LiveScience is here to count the reasons why you need not hide your fear of the metal ones.

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