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Top 10 Swingers of the Animal Kingdom

  • Animals Gone Wild

    Trophy Hunting Causing 'Reverse Evolution'
    A male lion shows why its king of the beasts at the Bronx Zoo’s African Plains exhibit.
  • Bonobos

    CREDIT: Vanessa Woods, Duke University. Humans Have a Lot to Learn From Bonobos, Scientist Says
    Primatologists Brain Hare studies bonobos. Here, a bonobo named Mimi, the alpha female, has a little down time.
  • Bronze-winged jacana

    Bronze-winged jacana
    CREDIT: Dubults | Bronze-winged jacana
    Bronze-winged jacana wading in a wetland.
  • Spotted hyena

    Hyena Giggles: No Laughing Matter
    Though it may sound like a maniacal giggle, the hyena call is actually a sign of frustration, according to research that will be presented May 21, 2009 at an Acoustical Society of America meeting.
  • Red jungle fowl

    Red jungle fowl
    CREDIT: Bill Payne, Michigan State University Red jungle fowl
    NHGRI-supported researchers have sequenced the genome of the red jungle fowl, which is the ancestor of all domestic chickens.
  • Walruses

    CREDIT: Phil Alatalo, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Stranded Walrus Pups Cry for Help
    A walrus pup separated from its mother in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Lions

    Lions and People Killing Each Other in Tanzania
    Lions and People Killing Each Other in Tanzani
  • African blue-headed lizard

    Blue-headed lizard
    CREDIT: Designgarage | Blue-headed lizard
    Blue-headed lizard
  • Bottlenose dolphins

    CREDIT: T. M. Williams/UCSC Dolphin Snot Offers Less Painful Source of DNA
    Beau Richter monitors the breath-holding cabability of Puka, a bottlenose dolphin at UC Santa Cruz's Long Marine Laboratory. Researchers found some marine mammals may be able to endure low oxygen levels due to enhanced amounts of proteins called globins in their brains.
  • Hanging flies

    CREDIT: Nicolas Franceschini Flies
  • Brown antechinus

    CREDIT: Diana Fisher. Swinger Marsupials Produce Healthier Offspring
    Female brown antechinuses usually produce only one litter of eight young in a lifetime.
Animals flout established rules when it comes to the game of love and sex. In fact, the animal kingdom is full of swingers.

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